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售卖五金家居电器 油烟机,马桶,洗手/洗脸盆等等

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1pcs Toilet bowl Promosi !!!
Senz Combo Set Hood & Gas Stove
Murah !! Sink & Pull out tap RM399
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Centon Storage Water Heater Tank

Centon Storage Water Heater Tank

    CENTON'S NEW GENERATION ABOVE CEILING STORAGE WATER HEATER THE NEPTUNE SERIES WITH BLUE DIAMOND ENAMEL-COATED TANK TECHNOLOGY, GIVING YOU A STORAGE WATER HEATER WITH LONGER LIFESPAN, IMPROVED LEAK RESISTANCE & BETTER HEAT INSULATION, COMPARED TO CONVENTIONAL STORAGE WATER HEATER!       INSTALLATION | ABOVE CEILING MULTI-POINT MULTI-POINT STORAGE WATER HEATER THAT IS INSTALLED ABOVE YOUR BATHROOM CEILING, SUPPLYING HOT WATER TO MULTIPLE WATER OUTLETS.   PRODUCT STRUCTURE | NEPTUNE'S ANATOMY   PRODUCT MEASUREMENT | FITS INTO ANY BATHROOM CEILINGS   WARRANTY | OUR ASSURANCE TO YOU NEPTUNE SERIES IS WARRANTED TO BE FREE FROM DEFECTS UNDER NORMAL USE FOR APERIOD STATED BELOW FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE, AS EVIDENCED BY THE PURCHASE RECEIPT, WHERE DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD THESE PARTS SHALL BE REPAIRED OR REPLACED IF DEFECTIVE. Blue Diamond Enameled   Tank The ultimate protection that provides several times the rust and corrosion resistance compared to standard inner tank designs. Single Welding Technology Improved leak resistance thanks to minimal connecting joints,maximizing damage protection caused by high pressure. Super-alloy Heating Element Incoloy 840 heating element that offers superior heating performance with extended lifespan and minimum energy losses. Energy Saving High Density Foam Insulation CFC-free, environmental-friendly polyurethane (PUF) insulation design, with complete protection against radiant heat loss. Heavy Duty Anode Rod Magnesium anode with steel core that protects the Blue Diamond Enameled Tank and heating element from rust and corrosion. Thermostat and Thermal Cut-off Dual-layer protection against overheating and over-pressure. High Strength and Durable Body Material Made of SPCC or Cold Rolled Steel for excellent structural integrity and long service life. Whirlflow Technology Water Tubes Smart water tubes system ensures no immediate direct contact between cold and hot water for maximum energy saving. Warranty Anti-Leak Tank 6 Years Others E&E Parts 1 Year            WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1 x Neptune Series Storage Water Heater 2 x Isolation Barriers (pre-installed at inlet and outlet) 1 x Pressure Relief Valve (pre-installed at inlet) Instruction Manual Warranty Card Mounting Brackets and Screws   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Capacity 30 Litres / 50 Litres / 70 Litres Rated Power 3,000W Current 12.5A Pressure 0.8MPa Voltage 240V~ Frequenc 50Hz Water Temperature 75°C Minimum Start Pressure 0.02MPa Heating Efficiency >90% Waterproofing IPX4 Dimension 30 Litres | 505mm (length) x 380mm (diameter) 50 Litres | 705mm (length) x 380mm (diameter) 70 Litres | 935mm (length) x 380mm (diameter) Weight 30 Litres | 12.5kg (empty) / 42.5kg (water-filled) 50 Litres | 16.3kg (empty) / 66.3kg (water-filled) 70 Litres | 21.4kg (empty) / 91.4kg (water-filled)     ADDITIONAL SAFETY | WATER HEATER CONNECTOR THE USE OF PLUGS AND SOCKETS, AND EVEN SUBSTANDARD JUNCTION BOXES TOPOWER UP WATER HEATERS IN BATHROOMS POSE LIFE-THREATENING RISKS TO USERS, WITH DANGERS INCLUDING ELECTROCUTION HAZARDS, FIRE / EXPLOSION HAZARDS, AND SHORT CIRCUIT HAZARDS.   read more
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Sorento Water Pump 0.5hp
Sorento Water Pump 1.0hp
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